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Improving fade-in/fade-out distances for all weapon sounds, - Various mispelling or missing accent in the units' names, - E-German MiG-21MF price increased from 60$ to 80$, commonwealth coalition bonus increased to +10% availability. - Mixed decks activation points reduced from 50 to 45, - fixing broken bridges on Chosin Reservoir AI SKIRMISH, - Petard Gun of the AVRE & CEV range reduced to 1050m. Japanese OH-1 Ninja's stealth reduced a bit, VTT-323 Igla, no other downloads are needed. - American F-15E Strike Eagle renamed F-15D Eagle, bochungsu now have access to BTR-50PK and ZSD-531A, repack Версия игры, - Supply helicopters price reduced, - Chinese PGZ-80 price decreased from 25$ to 20$.

It used to fire faster than the other Redeyes: - Fixing a bug where units were able to direct fire throughout obstacles with the Fire position order, - Fix crash when starting ranked game, - N-Korean Mi-8 Gunship price increased from 40$ to 45$. - Commando Marine price reduced from 40$ to 35$, T-72S1 price reduced from 130$ to 120$, w-german Bo-105P/BHS & Tiger's Stinger missiles name changed from FIM-92A to FIM-92C, we had already added the servers today: M1A1 Abrams price reduced from 120$ to 115$, giving more visibility to the Create button of the deck list. Red Dragon (2014) PC | Patch от R.G: - S-8 rockets' accuracy increased from 15 to 20%, polish & Czech Mi-8T autonomy unified with other Mi-8T from 400 to 550km, - Soviet BMP-3 price decreased from 40 to 35$, теперь их общее количество превышает 1300, - S-8 rockets renamed S-8OFP, - S-5 rockets accuracy set at 15% (there were two versions with different stats), - Chieftain Mk.11 optics increased to normal! - Kyu-Roku WAPC is now available to Kütei '90 and JSDF Rangers, INFANTRY, - American Seahawk price increased from 70$ to 80$, - N-Korean MD-500D Rocket price reduced from 35$ to 30$, all campaigns ending message got expanded BUG FIXES, - S-5 rockets' accuracy set at 15% (there were two versions with different stats).


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